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Large Soft Black Leather Flogger with Ebony Handle

Large Soft Black Leather Flogger with Ebony Handle

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Introducing our Large Soft Black Leather Flogger with an Ebony Handle, the epitome of luxury in sensory play. Crafted from supple 1.6mm thick textured chrome-tanned leather, this flogger offers a gentle yet captivating experience. The soft leather tails caress and tantalize with every swing, providing a sensation that is both thrilling and indulgent. Paired with a sleek 10-inch ebony handle, this flogger ensures precision and ease in handling, allowing each stroke to flow seamlessly. Ideal for both newcomers and aficionados, it's perfect for those who appreciate a more delicate touch in their play. Elevate your sensory experiences with this exquisite tool.


  • 10" Ebony handle
  • 12 falls made from a soft black leather
  • Each fall is 3/4" wide
  • The total length of the flogger is 33" and weighs 415g


Made a soft 1.6mm thick texture chrome tanned leather and an Ebony handle.


We try to keep a consistent supply of colours, but some items may differ slightly in shade from those shown in product photos.

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