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Black & Lime Green Rabbit Fur Flogger

Black & Lime Green Rabbit Fur Flogger

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A rabbit fur flogger is the epitome of gentle, sensual play in the BDSM realm. Its primary use is for soft, sensory stimulation rather than traditional impact play. The ultra-soft fur provides a delicate, tickling touch, making it ideal for beginners or for those who enjoy light, teasing sensations. It's perfect for warming up the skin, heightening sensitivity, and enhancing foreplay. The luxurious feel of rabbit fur adds a touch of elegance and comfort, making it a popular choice for sensual exploration, intimate scenarios, and for those seeking to introduce a gentle, tactile element into their play.


  • 7" oak handle
  • 20 falls (10 of each colour) made from a soft black & lime green rabbit fur
  • Each fall is 3/8" wide
  • The total length of the flogger is 21" and weighs 110g


Made from the finest quality English rabbit fur and an oak wooden handle.


We try to keep a consistent supply of colours, but some items may differ slightly in shade from those shown in product photos.

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This item comes with our industry leading Lifetime Guarantee.
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