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Pair of Black & Red Leather Floggers with Chrome Handle

Pair of Black & Red Leather Floggers with Chrome Handle

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Discover our exquisite pair of black and red leather floggers, a perfect blend of style and functionality. Each flogger is carefully crafted, measuring 23 inches in length and weighing 460g, designed for balanced and comfortable handling during use.

The floggers are uniquely composed of both black and red leather, adding a striking visual contrast. The red sections are made from a robust 5oz chrome-tanned leather, providing a firmer, more intense impact. This is complemented by the black leather, a lighter 3oz chrome-tanned variety, offering a more flexible and slightly gentler sensation.

Each flogger features 28 falls, evenly split with 14 in red and 14 in black, allowing for a varied and dynamic experience.

The heavy-weight chrome handles on each flogger ensure a solid grip and control, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. For added convenience, each flogger is equipped with a hanging loop, making storage and display effortless.

Whether used for gentle caresses or more intense interactions, these floggers are versatile, visually stunning, and an essential addition to any collection.


  • 5" chrome handle with rubber grip
  • 28 falls on each flogger, 14 black and 14 red.
  • Each fall is 1/2" wide
  • Each flogger is 23" in length and weighs 460g


Made from a chrome tanned leather with a chrome handle with a rubber grip.


We try to keep a consistent supply of colours, but some items may differ slightly in shade from those shown in product photos.

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