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8mm Acetal Cane - Ash Handle

8mm Acetal Cane - Ash Handle

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Experience the commanding presence of our 8mm Acetal Cane, complete with an 8" Ash handle. Crafted from durable acetal, this cane is perfect for those who seek a more intense, penetrating sensation in their impact play. The 8mm thickness ensures each strike delivers a solid, resonant impact, felt deeply by the recipient. The sturdy Ash handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing for precise control and forceful delivery. Ideal for enthusiasts who appreciate a stern, direct approach, this cane offers both the reliability and the power needed to enhance any disciplinary session.


  • 8" Ash handle 
  • 8mm thick Acetal Cane
  • 26" in total length
  • 115g in weight


Ash handle with Acetal cane


We try to keep a consistent supply of colours, but some items may differ slightly in shade from those shown in product photos.

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