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6mm Aluminium Cane - Aluminium Handle

6mm Aluminium Cane - Aluminium Handle

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Explore the striking precision of our 6mm Aluminium Cane, equipped with a solid aluminium handle. This cane offers a rigid, unyielding touch that delivers a crisp, intense sting, ideal for those who seek definitive feedback in their impact play. The 3 3/4" knurled handle provides a firm, non-slip grip, allowing for accurate and controlled handling. Perfect for enthusiasts who appreciate a direct, sharp sensation and impeccable control, this cane is a standout tool for precision and intensity in your collection.


  • 3 3/4" knurled Aluminium handle 
  • 6mm thick Aluminium Cane
  • 22" in total length
  • 80g in weight


Aluminium handle with Aluminium cane


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