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Founded in 2002 LeatherDelights are makers of Quality Handcrafted Leatherwork. We make all our items ourselves in England from the finest quality English leather. Here at LeatherDelights we aim to provide you with toys that will give you years of endless pleasure (or pain). We take great pride in each item to ensure they are built to last, as such, everything we produce comes with our industry leading Lifetime Guarantee. Our mission is to ensure that the community has access to high quality items at affordable and competitive prices.

Our product range starts with a wide selection of collars that can be worn in any setting, kink or otherwise, to our indestructible cuff sets that will keep even the strongest of subs firmly in place! Our extensive range of paddles covers a vast array of shapes and sizes. From very large paddles, ideal for intimidation and delivering a firm strike, to the very small innocent looking paddles that are great for delicate areas. Our paddles, not only come in an assortment of colours, but a wide range of textures, from some nice and soft rabbit fur or suede, to our textured rubber paddles and everything in between! If you need to keep the noise down, then we've got you covered, with our selection of gags, in styles including soft/firm silicone balls, breathable ball gags, ring gags, spider gags and bit gags. We then have an assortment of other restraints, from multipurpose belts through to simple leather hog ties. We have a wide range of other accessories, which includes multiple styles of belts, from decorative and practical belts, to our bondage restraint belt. 

Leather Delights was established by Andy 'The Kinky Cobbler', and since his untimely passing in mid 2011 his family have continued on his business in his memory.


You will find us at various events around the country where you can try items before you buy, and also be able to view our full range of styles and colours which is far too extensive to be able to list online.