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Combination Cuff Sets

Leather Delights Combination Cuffs have a very unique design. The adjustable strap is also removable, allowing it to be wrapped around a chair leg or bed post and theaded through the main part of the cuff. The adjustable strap defines the circumference of the cuffs, and is adjustable from 7 1/2" to 11" for wrist cuffs, from 8" to 12" for ankle cuffs, this is designed to cater for most people. The main part of the cuff is Black leather and has 4 slots for threading the adjustable strap through, it is lined with suede in either Black, Purple, Red, Pink or Turquoise. The cuff sets come complete with 4 D rings and 4 double trigger clips and an O ring. This set allows you to tie a person into a hog tie position without any other equipment. Buying the set gives you a saving of £15 over buying the items individually.

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