Leather Delights Monthly - May 2022

We're back for another monthly update, reflecting a busy April, and looking forward to making some improvements to the website in May.

April Review

Well, April was yet another great month, we had great days at both the London Alternative Market and the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar! One of our most popular products this month was our made to measure chest harnesses, we do have these available online but we would always recommend coming to see us at one of the events to try one on so we can get you the perfect fit!

Online we were planning to do some product launches, when I wrote last months update it was with some rabbit fur paddles in mind. However, our first product launch ended up being for our O Ring Belt. This has been a super popular product over the last few years, and we had a few people messaging us asking to buy one online. We launched this with a massive 20% discount, and boy did you guys take us up on that offer! If you follow us on Instagram you may have even seen this reel on how we make these belts!

If you follow us on Fetlife you might also have seen our new Vegan Cork Leather Flogger giveaway. When we saw the Cork Leather we just had to buy some to try it out, however once we'd made a flogger with it we were torn. Between us we could decide if it was to last, so we reached out on Fetlife to find a product tester. The response was overwhelming, 165 of you entered a giveaway to win this product, and I'm pleased to say it's now in the safe hands of the lucky winner. We're excited to see what their feedback is, and also slightly nervous that it might end up in pieces! Maybe we've just found another material that can't be used to make floggers...

May Plans

One of the main aims we have for May is to improve the descriptions of our products on our website. When we first started selling online (at the start of you know what), it was a mad rush to get as much listed as quickly as possible. As a result, our descriptions do leave a bit to be desired, so we want to try and rectify that.

One exciting improvement we've got coming is that we're standardising on a leather that we use on our gags, hog ties and anal hook straps. Just like we did with our suede, we've settled on a brilliant range that is available in a variety of colours. To start with we'll have just four (black, red, green and purple), but we hope to expand this to 6-8 options in the future. We might even add a couple more suede colours to our range as well.

Improving our current offering and how we present it is where we'll spend most of our time in May. We'll also be taking a two week break after the BBB this month for a much needed holiday.


Sunday 1st of May - London Alternative Market

Sunday 15th of May - Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar